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User Benefits

Side Scale

 Benefits of using the BioWeigher Scale:

  • The BioWeigher is the most accurate public scale of it's time.
  • We use an extremly accurate load cell to measure weight, a technology that is not available in home scales.
  • Not only does the BioWeigher weigh you, it also gives you ideal weight ranges, and caloric suggestions based on infomation specific to you.
  • The BioWeigher Prints out a detailed weight ticket for your privacy and options to enter your data on our weight tracking website for free.
  • The BioWeigher is conviently located in shopping malls, gyms, and vitamin stores so you can weigh yourself wherever you may be.


Benefits of the BioWeigher Website:

  • The BioWeigher website is a convenient way for users to graphically track factors such as their weight, BMI, body-fat, and activity against ideals.
  • Users can now take the paper ticket that the BioWeigher prints out and enter that data on our website to keep track of their progress. The numerical data can now come to life in colorful graphs.
  • Users can track and enter weights from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Unlimited weight entry's for life
  • Graphs showing current, ideal, and target weights for life
  • Ability to email your results page to your Doctor or Accountability Partner for their review
  • BMI calculation with tracking and graphs
  • Activity Log. (Enter all your exercises and activities to calculate the amount of calories burned, then graphed for you to track.)
  • Body Fat % calculation with tracking and graphs
  • Diet information given by our Certified Dietitian
  • Personal Training Q & A from our Certified Personal Trainers.
  • All entered Weights/Activity stored on our very own secure dedicated server so your results will never be lost




I have used the BioWeigher for years at my local GNC store. I have felt this scale is more accuate and consistant than my home scale and with the printed tickets I have been able to keep track of my progress.   

                                                                                                                       James Fabbro   Sherman Oaks, CA